Marketing Email Server

  • Provide an effective way to enhance your business
  • Flexible & Reliable delivery services.
  • Reach your customers online

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  • Provides great cloud-based email deliver platform for your large enterprise customers.
  • Low spam rates.
  • Over 5 billion Emails are sent on monthly basis.
  • More than 150,000 customers are connected.

  • Ensures that your email must get delivered.
  • Application for Spam Checking.
  • Authentication of Email is done.
  • Monitoring of IP Reputation.

  • Provide creation wizard for marketing email campaigns.
  • Sample Email Templates for your convenience.
  • Drag & drop editor is available.
  • Preview option is also available.
  • HTML Editing can be done. 
  • Authentication and Verification of Email Sender is done.
  • Protection of Server-to-server connection and its associated data.
  • Better Email Infrastructure. 

  • Widget for Subscription of your apps or websites is available.
  • Easy uploads, creation, manual addition of listing can be done.
  • Analysis of Subscription lists. 

  • Automated Trigger based email  alerts and notifications
  • No List size Limits
  • Resume & Pause of campaigns can be easily done.